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What do my clients say?

Sue S.

I have never gotten a massage before when I had a sports injury or a pulled or torn muscle.  During Christmas vacation, I was working two physically demanding jobs and did something to my back.  After three days of suffering through it, walking around with a hot pack taped to my back, I still could not sit, stand, or lay down without pretty severe discomfort.  Denise worked on my back for an hour, and I walked away feeling about a 60% relief in pain, and it got better every single day thereafter.   I’m now sold on massage and cup therapy for pain relief.  When I get hurt from now on, I am heading straight for Denise Green.

Karen L.

 I'm in my second year with Denise and she has helped me immensely.   I ALWAYS feel better after every massage.  Denise identified problems such as adhesions and scar tissue that I didn't know I had, and began treatment immediately.  You owe it to yourself to try this knowledgeable massage therapist.

Susan L., LMT, Certified Reflexologist

 Denise is a very caring individual and that comes through in her treatment.   She is highly skilled in terms of her massage technique and extremely knowledgeable about the body, especially in relationship to sports, in which she has a strong background.  She is adept in her care-giving during a session and attentive to a persons needs.  Her methodology is diverse as she has studied various techniques and comes from a strong foundation in her training.  I would highly recommend Denise as a massage therapist for her skills, reliability, honesty, trust and care that she provides during a session and to her clients.

Bill P.

I am writing to let you know that I have been on a quest to find a Massage Therapist that can make a difference for me and I have finally found one, it is you!
I have had back problems for years and recently had a 2 level spinal fusion which resolved successfully my mechanical issues.  However, as you know, I continue to have muscular issues.  In the past, massages have left me feeling "massaged", which is nice, but never really got at solving my root problems. After every massage with you, my muscular issues are addressed. I not only feel better physically, but I also leave totally relaxed.   I am able to feel confident that I can go back to do things like skiing or moving wood without risk of hurting myself or severe muscle spasm which I occasionally get. What a difference!
I wish I could take you back to NJ with me.

Thanks for all you do and see you next time!

Susan D.

I would highly recommend Denise.  She has helped my neck and back.  I used to have a stiff neck every day working at a computer and driving.  Going to Denise on a regular basis has relieved me of this pain.  Denise also offers sauna, cupping and foot baths.  All do work.