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Ionic Foot Bath - Detoxification Therapy

Since 2008 Denise has been delivering the benefits of a simple, enjoyable, affordable and convenient way to detoxify your whole body.  

Do you believe our earth is getting polluted?  That there are many toxins in our water, air and foods? Everything we come in contact with through our skin, mouth, lungs, and even old amalgam fillings can stay lodged in our tissues. Do you take over –the- counter or prescribed medication? The left overs, or chemicals our body does not know how to deal with, raise havoc with our immune system, decreasing its effectiveness. Viruses and bacteria all produce their own toxins which also weaken our immune systems. Your liver and kidneys are stressed by constant exposure to all of these things. Detoxifying through your feet unburdens these major organs. Ionic Foot Bath sessions in the comfort of your own home are the best answer to changing that crisis.

Ionic Foot Bath benefits:

Boosts Metabolism, Strengthens Immune system, Anti- Aging, Total Body Detox, Reduces your Acidic Levels, Removes Heavy metals, Reduces Inflammation, Aids Weight Loss, Allergy Symptom Relief, Improved Sleep, Improved Joint Flexibility, Injuries Heal Faster, Relieves Muscular Pain, Reduced Fluid Retention, Improves Long-term Wellness.

Ionic foot baths allow for bio-individuality. Even two people who have lived together and consumed similar foods, organic or not, will have different results. Toxins are generational, and vary from region to region.


 Denise is a dealer in Ionic Foot Baths. She has been doing them herself for 10 years now and would not be without her bi-weekly session! The models she carries will remove impurities from the body by cleansing at the cellular level. It will leave you feeling balanced, energized and much more.

Every member of your family can benefit from using the Ionic Foot Bath when their bodies happen to be stressed out from some kind of challenge. It will help to alkalize your body and we will test your body’s acidic level thru your saliva before and after your session.



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